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That those in the profession of Electrical and Computer Engineering who by their attainments in college or in practice, have manifested a deep interest and marked ability in their chosen life work, may be brought into closer union so as to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges and to mark in an outstanding manner those who, as students in Electrical and Computer Engineering, have conferred honor on their Alma Maters by distinguished scholarship, activities, leadership and exemplary character and to aid these students to progress through association with alumni who have attained prominence, we do hereby ordain and establish the following Constitution.

Article I: Name, Symbol, Publication

Section 1 This organization shall be known as the Eta Kappa Nu Association.

Section 2 The symbol shall be the early form of the Greek letters Eta, Kappa and Nu. Use of the symbols HKN shall be permitted.

Section 3 Colors of the association shall be navy-blue and scarlet.

Section 4 The emblem of the Association shall be the Wheatstone bridge.

Section 5 The official publication shall be called THE BRIDGE.

Article II: Members, Chapters and General Government

Section 1 Membership shall be by election and induction.

Section 2 Chapters of the Association shall include College chapters, an Eta chapter, and Alumni chapters.

Section 3 Legislative powers shall be vested in a Convention.

Section 4 Policy determination and advisory and judiciary powers shall be vested in a Board of Directors.

Section 5 Administrative powers shall be vested in an Executive Council (EC).

Article III: College Chapters

Section 1 A College chapter may be established at any school which awards the degree of BEE, BS in EECE, or the equivalent, and which meets the requirements of a recognized regional or professional accrediting agency.

Section 2 The petition for a College chapter will require approval by the college and by each member of the Executive Council.

Section 3 A faculty advisor shall be designated by the chapter. He shall be a member of Eta Kappa Nu and a faculty member in electrical and computer engineering of the school in which the chapter is installed. He shall serve as liaison officer between the chapter and the college.

Section 4 Active membership of a College chapter shall consist of its undergraduate and graduate student Eta Kappa Nu members at the school, regardless of prior chapter affiliation, who signify their intent of remaining or becoming subject to the bylaws of the College chapter.

Section 5 Whenever it appears that there will not be a sufficient number of students on the campus to maintain an active College chapter, a chapter shall elect a trustee committee to consist of three or more members of Eta Kappa Nu, who shall assume custody of chapter assets until reactivation of the chapter.

Article IV: ETA Chapter

Section 1 To provide for membership of qualified undergraduates and graduate students of electrical and computer engineering in schools which meet the same degree of accrediting requirements as for College chapters and where no College chapter of Eta Kappa Nu exists, there shall be a chapter known as Eta chapter.

Section 2 A branch of Eta chapter may be established by unanimous action of the Executive Council, with approval of the college concerned.

Section 3 The Executive Council shall function as the officers of Eta chapters. Eta chapter shall have no vote in the Convention.

Article V: Alumni Chapter

Section 1 To provide for strengthening the furtherance of the aims of Eta Kappa Nu by alumni members, an alumni chapter may be established in any locality, upon petition of at least five members, and subject to the unanimous approval of the Executive Council.

Section 2 Except as specifically provided herein, an Alumni Chapter shall have no power to confer membership in Eta Kappa Nu, nor shall it be subject to any assessment or dues, other than by a vote of its own members.

Article VI: Membership

Section 1 Induction to membership in Eta Kappa Nu Association shall be in one of two forms: Member or Eminent Member.

Section 2 To be eligible for induction as a Member, a candidate must be at least one of the following:

  1. An undergraduate or a graduate student at an institution having a College chapter or a Branch of Eta chapter. Upon installation or reactivation of a branch of Eta, or of a college chapter (not preceded by an Eta branch), there may be inducted those graduates of the institution who: l. were graduated less than two years prior to the induction or reactivation and 2. would have been eligible for induction had there been an Eta Kappa Nu chapter (or branch) when the graduate was in attendance at the institution.
  2. A member of the instructive or administrative staff of any school which meets the same degree and accrediting requirements as prescribed herein for a College chapter.
  3. An electrical and computer engineer who had done meritorious work in the practice of the profession and allied pursuits.

Section 3 Undergraduate candidates shall be selected from those students in the Junior or Senior class who are pursuing courses leading to a Baccalaureate or equivalent degree in electrical and computer engineering.

  1. Juniors who have a cumulative scholastic rank in the upper quarter of their electrical and computer engineering class may be elected.
  2. Seniors who have a cumulative scholastic rank in the upper third of their electrical and computer engineering class may be elected.

Section 4 Graduate student candidates shall have been graduated from a school of recognized standing and shall possess substantially the same scholastic and other qualifications required for undergraduate membership

Section 5 Induction as Eminent Member is reserved for those individuals who, by their technical attainments and contributions to society, have shown themselves to be outstanding leaders in the field of electrical and computer engineering, and great benefactors of their fellowmen.

Section 6 College Chapters will confer membership in Eta Kappa Nu. Alumni Chapters will confer membership in Eta Kappa Nu only as provided in Section 2.C. of this article, and subject to the approval of the Executive Council. The Board of Directors will confer membership and Eminent Membership in Eta Kappa Nu.

Section 7 Members who have heretofore been elected to diverse classes of membership shall continue to hold their certificates as issued with all rights and privileges as heretofore.

Section 8 Any exceptions to the provisions of Article VI must be made on an individual basis and have the prior approval of the Executive Council.

Article VII: Board of Directors

Section 1 The Board of Directors shall consist of the following members of HKN, elected by the chapters.

  1. The President, the Vice-President, elected annually and the Executive Secretary, elected triennially.
  2. From each geographical region, fixed by the Board of Directors, one additional member may be elected on alternate years to serve a two-year term. A Board member may not be reelected. Nominations of candidates from each of the regions shall be made by the College and Alumni Chapters of that region, or by a member of the Executive Council, but the election of the candidates shall be by all of the Chapters of the Association. If a Board member becomes unable or unwilling to serve, the remaining members of the Board may appoint a protempore member to serve the unexpired term.

Section 2 In the event the result of the annual election is not determined by July 1, the directors shall continue until their successors are elected or appointed.

Article VIII: Executive Council

Section 1 The President, Vice-President, and Executive Secretary shall constitute the Executive Council.

Section 2 The Executive Council is responsible for the administration and the execution of the Statutes and other acts of the Convention and of such policy as is established by the Board of Directors.

Section 3 The Executive Council shall manage the funds of the Association in conformity with fiscal policies established by the Board of Directors.

Article IX: Fees and Dues

Section 1 Any chapter may fix assessments. dues or fees by a majority vote of its members, except that any local induction fee of a College chapter shall be subject to approval by the Executive Council.

Section 2 The Convention shall have power to fix and levy a per capita tax on each inductee and/or active member of a college chapter or a branch of Eta chapter, for expenses in the conduct of the business of the Association.

Section 3 Any per capita tax of a member of the Eta chapter shall be the same as that fixed by Statute for members of College chapters.

Section 4 Eminent Members will not be subject to assessments, fees or dues.

Article X: Trust Fund

The Association shall be empowered to establish trust funds separate from other funds, by legislative action, or by action of the Board of Directors. Such funds may be for a specific one or a combination of the following purposes: religious, charitable, scientific, literary or educational. Such action must have the unanimous recommendation of the members of the Executive Council prior to submission to the Convention, and approval of at least three-fourths of the College and Alumni chapters.

Article XI: Amendments

Section 1 Amendments to this Constitution shall be submitted for ratification by three-fourths of the College chapters.

Article XII: Statutes

Section 1 The Association, through Convention, may further regulate itself by statutes not in conflict with this Constitution.